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Join us for the 65th annual

Winter Ball 2019 Deb with guy
Winter Ball 2018 good friends group.jpg


Touring Children's Hospital Oakland, learning about the award-winning Neonatal Intensive Care Department (NICU) and Cardiology units, making meals for Family House and volunteering at the CHO NICU reunion picnic are just some of the activities this year's deb class have chosen. The sisterhood that these women are joining has raised over six million dollars towards life-saving equipment for the littlest patients at Children's Hospital Oakland.


Since its inception, the Winter Ball has generated over six million dollars for Children's Hospital Oakland.

In 2017, as part of Children's Hospital Branches, money from the Winter Ball was used to finish funding $750,000 towards the rebuilding of the NICU department. In 2018, proceeds from the ball were used to fund a transport isolette, a mini-hospital room that could travel in an ambulance or helicopter and bring Nor Cal's tiniest patients back to Oakland's nationally recognized NICU for treatment. The 2019 funds are earmarked for more life-saving equipment including a micro 2D/3D TEE probe.

Won't you join us in fundraising for this worthwhile cause? 

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The Winter Ball is the culmination of almost a year's worth of events for the young women participating.
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